DEADLINE: $15,000 Mongabay Grant for Latin American Big Industry, Climate Change, and Biodiversity Conservation

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October 5, 2014's competitive Special Reporting Initiatives Program supports in-depth reporting on key environmental themes under a given topic. Environmental journalists worldwide can apply for a US $20,000 fellowship to cover specific environmental topics. The author of the top proposal will receive US$12,000 as a stipend and up to US$3,000 for reporting and travel costs. The fellow will have three months for travel / research and three months for writing. He or she can work from anywhere in the world. Deadlines vary by project. New opportunities are announced every 1-2 months.

Next up: Latin American Extractive Industries, Climate Change, and Biodiversity Conservation

In the midst of a global environmental crisis, most of the current focus on tropical forest conservation centers on carbon emissions. In response, many multinational corporations operating in and sourcing from Latin America are establishing zero deforestation policies based around carbon stocks. The concerning question, however, is this: could the focus on climate overshadow biodiversity? If so, what would a low carbon world with impaired biodiversity look like?

Additionally, in Latin America a number of big companies have recently made high profile zero deforestation commitments that seem to extend well beyond the traditional reach of corporate social responsibility. Are attitudes of the biggest companies also changing with respect to biodiversity conservation? Read more about this Special Reporting Initiative.


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