DEADLINE: Nieman Fellowships for Journalists

Event Date: 
December 1, 2022

The Nieman Foundation selects up to 12 U.S. and 12 International journalists for Nieman Fellowships each year. All fellows come to Harvard for two full semesters to pursue a course of study of their own design. Nearly every class at Harvard College and in the graduate schools is open to the fellows (and their spouses), who spend their nine-month appointment broadening their interests or deepening their insight into their field of specialization. Applicants must be full-time journalists with at least five years of journalistic experience. Open to full-time staff and freelance journalists who work in all media, including print, broadcast, photography, film and the Web. All prospective fellows must speak, read and write English fluently. Fellowship includes stipend of $75,000 (U.S. only) plus housing, childcare and health insurance allowances. International fellows must make separate financial arrangements. Deadlines: Dec 1, 2022, for International; Jan 31, 2023, for US applicants.

Nieman Visiting Fellowships at Harvard offer short-term research opportunities to individuals interested in working on special projects designed to advance journalism. Visiting fellowships take place during the calendar rather than the academic year. Applicants list their preferred start date, the number of weeks requested (no more than 12); most fellowships are between four and eight weeks. For fellows not supported by an employer during the fellowship, a stipend of $1,325 per week will be provided. If an employer keeps the fellow on salary during the fellowship because the project benefits the organization, a fellowship stipend will not be provided. If a fellow does not reside in the Boston area or otherwise have accommodations, free use of a furnished one-bedroom apartment will be available for the length of the fellowship. The online application for the 2022 Nieman Visiting Fellowships will be posted in October 2021, and the deadline to submit will be announced at that time.    

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