1 In 10 U.S. Beaches So Polluted They're Not Safe For Swimming: Report

"You probably don't want to dip your toes in these dirty waters.

According to the 24th annual report released by the Natural Resources Defense Council, one in 10 U.S. beaches are dangerously polluted -- so polluted, in fact, that they have been deemed unsafe for swimmers.

The environmental advocacy nonprofit collected water samples from nearly 3,500 American beaches and evaluated the specimens using the Environmental Protection Agency's new water safety standard, "Beach Action Value." The BAV sets a threshold for water quality at American beaches in order to protect swimmers from pollution -- the majority of which is caused by sewage overflow and contaminated stormwater runoff. "

Sara Gates reports for the Huffington Post June 25, 2014.

Source: Huffington Post, 06/26/2014