"10 Takeaways From The Star’s 'Undeniable' Climate Change Series"

"For the past nine weeks, the Star’s Undeniable project has brought readers to the frontlines of climate change in Canada. In every region chronicled in the 16-part series, climate change is already affecting people, infrastructure, wildlife and the natural environment. The effects of a warmer climate are, and will continue to be, felt in every facet of Canadian society, from farms, fisheries, schools and hospitals, to municipal, provincial and federal governments, local businesses and the largest corporations.

Canada is getting hotter.

Between 1948 and 2016, Canada’s annual average temperature over land increased by 1.7 degrees, about double the global warming rate. Most of this warming is due to human influences. This trend is expected to continue, with annual average temperature increases projected to increase as much as 6.3 degrees between 2081-2100 under a high-emission scenario, compared to 1986-2005. Heat waves will likely increase in frequency and intensity. Extreme heat, currently occurring once every 20 years, on average, could occur as often as every two years by 2050 under a high greenhouse gas emission scenario. The warming climate is causing glaciers to lose volume, sea levels to rise and permafrost to thaw."

Kenyon Wallace reports for the Toronto Star July 17, 2019.


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Source: Toronto Star, 07/18/2019