"A Grudging Accord in Climate Talks"

"COPENHAGEN — After two weeks of delays, theatrics and last-minute deal-making, the United Nations climate change talks concluded here early Saturday morning with a grudging agreement by the participants to 'take note' of a pact shaped by five major nations.

The final accord, a 12-paragraph document, was a statement of intention, not a binding pledge to begin taking action on global warming — a compromise seen to represent a flawed but essential step forward.

Robert C. Orr, the United Nations assistant secretary general for policy and planning, said that virtually every country had signaled that it would back the accord, and that 'take note' was shorthand for acceptance.

But many delegates of the 193 countries that had gathered here left Copenhagen in a sour mood, disappointed that the pact lacked so many elements they considered crucial, including firm targets for mid- or long-term reductions of greenhouse gas emissions and a deadline for concluding a binding treaty next year."

No nation signed or formally approved the accord.

Andrew C. Revkin and John M. Broder report for the New York Times December 19, 2009

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Source: NYTimes, 12/21/2009