"Actually, Even the Flat Earth Society Believes in Climate Change"

"Yes, such a group exists. It thinks the world is flat -- but also getting warmer."

"In his big speech on climate change today, President Obama mocked Republicans who deny the existence of man-made global warming by derisively referring to them as members of “the Flat Earth Society.”

“We don’t have time for a meeting of the Flat Earth Society,” Obama said. “Sticking your head in the sand might make you feel safer, but it’s not going to protect you from the coming storm.”

As it turns out, there is a real Flat Earth Society and its president thinks that anthropogenic climate change is real. In an email to Salon, president Daniel Shenton said that while he “can’t speak for the Society as a whole regarding climate change,” he personally thinks the evidence suggests fossil fuel usage is contributing to global warming."

Alex Seitz-Wald reports for Salon June 25, 2013.


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Source: Salon, 06/26/2013