For Advocates of GMO Food Labels, Battle Is in States, And Wins Elusive

"MANCHESTER, N.H. — In this small state with a very big legislature, the top official at the association for grocery stores knew he had a lot of people to convince about an important food-labeling bill. But he also had a lot of members on his side.

“This is a citizen legislature — it takes a lot of time,” said John Dumais, president and chief executive of the New Hampshire Grocers Association, who opposed the bill early this year. “It certainly is difficult to reach everybody.”

New Hampshire has a whopping 400 lawmakers in its state House of Representatives — more than any other in the country. But it also has about 800 members in its grocers’ association, which comprises everything from convenience stores to independent and chain groceries. So when it came to the bill on what is known as “GMO labeling,” Dumais had a ready-built source of supporters."

Chris Adams reports for the McClatchy Washington Bureau March 16, 2014.

Source: McClatchy, 03/17/2014