"Aerial Video Shows Total Destruction Of Bahama Island After Dorian"

"A helicopter captures, in graphic detail, the devastation left in the Bahamas."

"Here's a bird's-eye view of utter and near-total destruction.

This four-minute-long video, shot from a helicopter over the Bahamas on Tuesday, captured the carnage left behind by Hurricane Dorian.

Roof-less homes, fallen walls, toppled trees, flooded streets, front yards filled with water and debris and cars strewn about will greet evacuated homeowners upon their return to neighborhoods.

It won't be business as usual for a long time to come, as the video shows flipped container ports and trucks discarded like children's toys. Major buildings have been reduced to mere concrete and rebar in what had been busy commercial districts, the video showed."

David K. Li reports for NBC News with the Associated Press September 3, 2019.


"The Death Toll In The Bahamas Is Likely Going To Soar, Officials Say" (CNN)

"Bahamas Official Warns People To Prepare For The 'Unimaginable' As Hurricane Death Toll Rises To 30" (CNN)


Source: NBC News/AP, 09/06/2019