"In Aftermath of Drought, U.S. Corn Movement Turns Upside Down"

"The devastating U.S. drought and ensuing crop disease are upending traditional grain movement patterns, with dozens of trains and barges shipping North Dakota or Mississippi corn into the Corn Belt rather than out to the coasts."

"Processors and ethanol producers in No. 2 corn state Illinois, where the average corn yield was the lowest in nearly 25 years, are "importing" millions of bushels of the grain - an unprecedented volume - from North Dakota, which produced a record crop this year, trade sources said. Northern corn is even reaching key livestock states such as Texas and Oklahoma.

Some southern states, which were also spared the worst of the most extensive drought in half a century this year, are shipping barges of corn up the Mississippi River to the interior, reversing the normal trade flow, traders say."

Julie Ingwersen reports for Reuters October 30, 2012.


"Corn Maze: There Is No ‘Simple Fix’ for Commodity Farming" (Grist)

Source: Reuters, 10/30/2012