"Agencies Paralyzed By Fiscal Cliff, Endless Succession of CRs"

"So far this year, U.S. EPA has frozen hiring, delayed contracts and sharply curtailed travel, all to deal with the uncertainty of its future budget."

"It's not only the so-called fiscal cliff -- with its scheduled across-the-board budget cuts -- that has hampered EPA's operations. Instead, it is an action that has become so routine in recent years that all federal agencies have become experts in handling it: the continuing resolution.

And this year, lawmakers seem likely to take it a step further, passing a CR for the entire fiscal year, thanks to fiscal cliff negotiations and a slew of other priorities that have moved the budget to the back burner.

Experts agree that CRs are bad for business and efficiency. They delay projects, paralyze long-term planning -- in government and the private sector -- and create a cycle where federal agencies keep tight purse strings at the beginning of the year only to go on a spending spree toward the end."

Emily Yehle reports for E&E Daily December 18, 2012.

Source: E&E Daily, 12/19/2012