"Agency Urges Quake Study for Indian Point"

"The Indian Point power plant is one of 10 sites considered most in need for a re-evaluation of earthquake vulnerability, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission announced on Friday.

Dozens of reactors at more than 20 sites across the eastern and central parts of the country need to be re-evaluated, the commission said, because of new estimates from the United States Geological Survey. The agency’s study compared the amount of ground movement predicted when the plants were designed, and the amount calculated more recently. Sites on the West Coast will be evaluated later.

The orders issued on Friday are part of a broad effort that began before an earthquake and resulting tsunami caused a triple meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi reactors in Japan in 2011, but the project gained urgency after that event."

Matthew L. Wald reports for the New York Times May 9, 2014.

Source: NY Times, 05/12/2014