The Amish Are Getting Fracked; Their Religion Prohibits Lawsuits

Land agents for fracking companies take advantage of the Amish when signing contracts for rights to drill -- because they know the Amish religion discourages lawsuits.

"It was late 2010 when a chipper agent for Kenoil, Inc., a drilling company in Eastern Ohio, drove to the nearby hamlet of Millersburg to visit Lloyd Miller. His car slithered down the hill overlooking the Millers's home and white farm buildings, past a set of pine green drums, pipes, and gauges—a shallow oil well that Kenoil had drilled on the Millers’s property many years ago—and stopped in front of the aluminum barn where the family, who are Amish dairy farmers, lodges its horses and buggy. The agent had an unexpected business proposition for Lloyd and his wife, Edna: Kenoil wanted to lease the right to drill on the Millers's land for shale gas. And for a lease of five years, he could offer them $10 an acre that same day."

Molly Redden reports for the New Republic June 6, 2013.

Source: New Republic, 06/10/2013