Amish Farmers in Chesapeake Watershed Find Themselves in EPA's Sights

"LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. -- An Amish farmer examines young trees and shrubs he planted last fall along the stream running through his farm. A few trees are starting to peak from shelters built to protect them from pests and 'green death,' when new trees are swallowed up by old growth. When the trees and shrubs are fully grown, they'll form a buffer to keep grazing animals and stormwater carrying manure fertilizers out of the water."

"'I knew my cows were in the creek, and I knew that there would be some problems if [U.S. EPA] would show up,' the farmer said.

The farmer is among a handful of Amish farmers here who have accepted federal cash for taking steps to protect the Chesapeake Bay. The payments are controversial here. The farmer asked that he be identified in print only by his first name, Daniel, because he was afraid his neighbors might see the story and criticize him for taking federal money."

Amanda Peterka reports for Greenwire October 10, 2011.

Source: Greenwire, 10/12/2011