"Analysis: Waterworld USA: Climate Harming Regional Waters"

"HOBOKEN, N.J. -- Rising temperatures and shifting, capricious precipitation patterns are affecting where, when, and how much water fills America's rivers, lakes, and reservoirs, and how water is absorbed to replenish groundwater reserves – putting tremendous pressure on communities and businesses who compete for that water."

"Current climate change trends and climate computer models point toward difficult hydrological times ahead across the United States.

The water needs of a rapidly-rising population and agricultural, energy, and industrial demands are now colliding dangerously with climate change, destabilizing water resources with different repercussions across the country.

While the West appears to be moving toward "super drought," the Northeast is deluged with intense thunderstorms bringing more frequent, record-breaking flashfloods. And the Midwest and South are experiencing "weather whiplash," seesawing between torrent and drought."

Sharon Guynup reports for Environment News Service October 29, 2013.

Source: ENS, 10/31/2013