"Ancient Virus Revived From Russian Permafrost After 48,500 Years - Study"

"The virus, a Pandoravirus, had been lying dormant in Russia's permafrost. The study sheds light on the dangers of climate change awakening prehistoric diseases from permafrost."

"Scientists have managed to unearth the oldest known virus on Earth, having recovered the 48,500-year-old virus from the Russian permafrost, according to a recent study.

The virus itself, called Pandoravirus yedoma, was of the ones that had been revived after lying dormant in the permafrost in Russia's Siberia for thousands of years.

The findings of this study were published in a paper on bioXrv and have not been peer-reviewed, however, they shed light on a possible catastrophe awaiting us, one that humanity can do nothing about."

The Jerusalem Post had the story November 29, 2022.

Source: Jerusalem Post, 11/30/2022