Another Murder on Resource Frontier: This Time a Cambodian Journalist

"Speaking truth to power is never easy. In some places, particularly where valuable resources are pursued in places with limited governance, it can be deadly."

"That has been the case off and on in the Amazon rain forest, as I first described in 1990 in "The Burning Season," my book on the murder of the forest defender Chico Mendes, and, more recently, in coverage of other killings there.

Now fresh blood appears to have been spilled in the fight over forest resources, this time that of a Cambodian journalist trying to report on forest clearing there. Details are still emerging, but the basics are in an AFP account out of Phnom Penh yesterday."

Andrew C. Revkin reports for Dot Earth in the New York Times September 13, 2012.


"Cambodian Journalist Found Murdered" (AFP)

"When Journalists Are Dying to Expose Environmental Plunder" (Dot Earth/NYT)

Source: Dot Earth, 09/20/2012