"Anti-GM Protesters Kept From Tearing Up Wheat Crop by Police"

"UK -- Police kept hundreds of protesters at bay as they attempted to destroy a field where genetically modified wheat is being tested in Hertfordshire."

"Mounted officers helped bring activists to a halt in front of the entrance to land owned by the Rothamsted research institute, which is testing GM wheat which has been enhanced to fight aphid infestation.

The event on Sunday, which attracted hundreds of protesters including farmers, politicians and activists from the UK and abroad, had prompted the local council to obtain an order making it a criminal offence to trespass on the land.

Hertfordshire police handed out leaflets at Harpenden station warning that St Albans council had forbidden 'trespassory assembly' under section 14A of the Public Order Act as anti-GM campaigners gathered in a park next to the estate."

Shiv Malik reports for the Guardian May 27, 2012.

Source: Guardian, 05/29/2012