"Are Our Products Bad Medicine To Lagoon?"

"Aging boomers pop more pills to keep fit. Farmers feed more antibiotics and hormones to fatten livestock. Adults and children use exotic shampoos and conditioners to make their hair shiny. Most of these drugs and personal-care chemicals wind up down the drain, into sewage, land-applied sludge, reclaimed water and ultimately the Indian River Lagoon, St. Johns River and other waters."

"How these 'Emerging Substances of Concern' alter ecological health remains mostly unknown, as new chemical introductions far outpace state and federal budgets for research and monitoring. But new research suggests they are growing threats to humans and wildlife in Florida.

Multiple clues of ecological disruption continue to mount."

Jim Waymer reports for Florida Today September 9, 2012.

Source: Florida Today, 09/10/2012