"Are Pesticides Linked To Health Problems in Argentina?"

"Could pesticides - their use and abuse - increase levels of cancer and birth defects? It is a question asked across the vast belt of Argentina where GM crops are grown. In Chaco, the Minister of Public Health wants an independent commission to investigate a growing health crisis."

"On a hot, still day the buzz of a distant, small plane is just audible.

'They fumigate all around with airplanes', says Carlos Fria who is out shopping for fruit and vegetables in Avia Terai. This small rural community sits, slap bang in the middle of Chaco - the flat, sprawling, northern province that nudges the border with Paraguay.

Carlos lives near Avia Terai, and says agrochemicals are sprayed close to his home, contravening local laws."

Linda Pressly reports for BBC World Service May 13, 2014.

Source: BBC News, 05/14/2014