"Army Corps Wants $1 Billion To Repair Flood Damage"

"The Army Corps of Engineers says it desperately needs about $1 billion to repair the damage from this year's catastrophic flooding in the Missouri and Mississippi basins."

"Last spring brought as much as 10 times the normal amount of rainfall to the South and Midwest, which mixed with melting snow to produce record river levels along the lower Ohio and Mississippi rivers, according to the corps.

As the Missouri River finally ebbs below flood stage, the corps' Northwest commander, Brig. Gen. John McMahon, also is defending his decision to release only enough water from the river's reservoirs in recent months to have a normal capacity for next flood season. Critics have complained that the corps didn't move quickly enough last spring to release more water once the heavy rains began."

Randy Leonard reports for the Medill News Service via McClatchy October 27, 2011.

Source: Medill, 10/28/2011