Army Destroys World’s Largest Stockpile of Chemicals Weapons, in Utah

"STOCKTON, Utah — Gary McCloskey may have destroyed more chemical weapons than any man alive, but he barely reacted when the final weapons from the world’s largest stockpile of warfare agents came out of an incinerator.

McCloskey, a 63-year-old engineer and manager for URS Corp.’s Federal Services division, was on hand as a U.S. Army depot in Utah finished destroying the last of 1.3 million munitions filled with a witches’ brew of toxins, blister and blood agents. He was on a Pacific atoll in 1986 when the Army destruction campaign started, living just 300 yards from an incinerator."

Paul Foy reports for the Associated Press January 19, 2012.


"Army Destroying Last Chemical Weapons in Utah Cache" (Los Angeles Times)

Source: AP, 01/20/2012