"As Asbestos Industry Collapses, a Town's Fibre Is Torn"

"The sign by the side of the highway is hard to miss: ASBESTOS. No, it’s not a health warning to motorists about hazardous material ahead. It’s the name of a proud community in southern Quebec, waging a fight to survive in an increasingly lonely stand against the world."

"Asbestos has become a mineral with a dubious reputation and a doubtful future, and its namesake town faces a similar fate. Medical experts link asbestos to cancer. Countries worldwide ban it and Canadians rip it out of their walls. And now, in the space of less than four weeks, formerly staunch political allies in Ottawa and Quebec City have abruptly jettisoned their support for the asbestos industry."

Ingrid Peritz reports for the Toronto Globe and Mail September 22, 2012.

Source: Toronto Globe & Mail, 09/24/2012