"Asian Carp Eggs Found in Mississippi Just South of Minnesota"

"More ominous news on the Asian carp invasion front: Asian carp eggs were recently found in the Upper Mississippi River near Lynxville, Wis., about 20 miles south of the Minnesota border.

The finding included late-stage embryos nearly ready to hatch. The U.S. Geological Survey collected the samples last year and reported the findings Monday.

'This discovery means that Asian carp spawned much farther north in the Mississippi than previously recorded,' Leon Carl, USGS Midwest Regional Director, said in a news release. 'The presence of eggs in the samples indicates that spawning occurred, but we do not know if eggs hatched and survived or whether future spawning events would result in live fish.'"

Doug Smith reports for the Minneapolis Star Tribune March 11, 2014.


"Asian Carp Eggs Found 250 Miles Upstream on Mississippi River" (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune, 03/12/2014