"Atlantic Coast Pipeline Would Hurt Black Residents Most, NAACP Says"

"Building the Atlantic Coast Pipeline through low-income Eastern North Carolina counties would force people of color to bear more than their share of the risks posed by the nation’s power infrastructure, the NAACP said in a report released Tuesday.

'African American and other environmental justice communities face heavy burdens because of the millions of pounds of hazardous emissions released by the oil and gas industry each year,' said the report, titled 'Fumes Across the Fence Line.'

'Many African American communities face serious health risks as a result of toxic pollution from industrial facilities that are often located blocks from their homes. These life-threatening burdens are the result of systemic oppression perpetuated by the traditional energy industry, which exposes communities to health, economic and social hazards.'"

Martha Quillin reports for the Raleigh News & Observer November 16, 2017.

Source: Raleigh News & Observer, 11/17/2017