Battling Over the Brazos: Dwindling River, Reservoirs Spark Disputes

"In 1957, author John Graves decided to take a canoe trip down the upper Brazos River before a series of dams would turn his favorite stretch of river into a string of lakes. Graves feared that his beloved river would be squeezed dry if five proposed flood-control dams were built in the upper Brazos."

Christian McPhate and Ashlea Sigman report for the Denton Record-Chronicle June 22, 2014. The article is part of the "Water Woes" series produced in collaboration with University of North Texas journalism graduate students and faculty. Others working on the project include Dawn Cobb, Megan Gray, Morty Ortega, Alicia Auping, Annette Nevins, Gregory R.C. Hasman, Adrian O’Hanlan, and Jason Yang.


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Source: Denton Record-Chronicle, 06/23/2014