"BBC Coverage Criticised for Favouring Climate Change Sceptics"

"A letter from the BBC in response to the science committee's criticism defends airing 'misinformed' arguments."

"The BBC has come under fire from the chairman of an influential committee of MPs for favouring climate change sceptics in its coverage – and, according to documents seen by the Guardian, replied by saying that putting forward opinions not backed by science is part of its role.

That has enraged MPs further. Andrew Miller, chair of the science and technology committee, told the Guardian: 'At a time when poor editorial decisions have dented trust in the BBC, the organisation should be taking much greater care over the accuracy of its reporting – especially in the area of science where misreporting can cause disastrous results, as the MMR media scare has shown.'

It is the second time in less than a month that the BBC has been slammed by a senior figure for giving too much credence to climate sceptics, who represent a tiny but vocal minority of scientific opinion. A few weeks ago, the UK's former most senior civil servant on climate said the corporation had laid itself open to "vultures" by giving disproportionate air time to sceptics."

Fiona Harvey reports for the Guardian October 28, 2913.



"BBC Coverage of IPCC Climate Report Criticised for Sceptics' Airtime" (Guardian: 10/1/13)

Source: Guardian, 10/29/2013