"Beach Bailout: the Jersey Shore’s Inequalities After Sandy (Part One)"

"Many believe the coastal areas hit hardest by Superstorm Sandy should be vacated, saying future flooding is inevitable"

"Dimitra Mpovolis has called the small town of South River, New Jersey, home almost her whole life. Now, as their home is being demolished, she and her daughter Vicky have come to say goodbye.

This is the second time in the past two years Mpovolis and her family have left their home. The first time, they were fleeing Superstorm Sandy.

“Seven o’clock, I woke my husband up. I looked across the street, [and] the water was already here,” she said.

Now, tired of the regular flooding which plagues their low-lying riverside neighborhood, the Mpovolis Family has decided to get out for good. They’re taking advantage of a state program called Blue Acres. Ramped up in the aftermath of Sandy, Blue Acres is meant to buy homes in flood-prone area and return the land to Mother Nature."

Adam May and Bryan Myers report for Aljazeera America December 31, 2014.


Part Two: "The Jersey Shore’s Inequalities After Sandy"

Source: Aljazeera America, 01/01/2015