"Beach Pollution at Third-Highest Level in 22 Years"

"Beaches across the nation continue to be fouled by sewage and storm water pollution that puts swimmers at risk of getting sick, according to a report by an environmental group."

"The Natural Resources Defense Council found that although the number of days American beaches were closed or posted with advisories because of contaminated water dropped 3% last year, they were at their third-highest level in 22 years.

California registered a slight increase in beach closures and advisories in 2011, most of them in response to tests revealing elevated bacteria counts, according to the group's annual 'Testing the Waters' report."

Tony Barboza reports for the Los Angeles Times June 27, 2012.


"Testing the Waters 2012" (Natural Resources Defense Council)

Advisory for 10 am June 27 NRDC telephone press briefing

Source: LA Times, 06/27/2012