"Biden Picks Trump Critic To Lead EPA Science Office"

"A longtime expert adviser to EPA on air issues and an outspoken critic of the Trump administration is President Biden’s choice for leading the agency’s science office.

Chris Frey, whose pending nomination as EPA assistant administrator for research and development was announced by the White House yesterday [Wednesday], was a caustic detractor of how the Trump EPA handled a review of the standards for airborne particulate matter, commonly known as soot.

After rotating off the EPA’s Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee when his term ended in 2015, Frey, then a North Carolina State University professor, served on an auxiliary panel that was aiding the committee in the soot assessment. He and other panel members were summarily fired in October 2018."

Sean Reilly and Kevin Bogardus report for E&E News September 23, 2021.

Source: E&E News, 09/24/2021