"Bonner Talking Points Instructed Employees to Lie to Generate Letters to Congress"

"I wrote last night about a series of new revelations in the case of the fraudulent climate letters to members of Congress. Throughout the day, Talking Points Memo has uncovered several additional developments.

Most importantly, TPM has obtained a copy of the letter Akin Gump sent to Congressman Markey’s office on behalf of Bonner and Associates. The letter included as an attachment a set of talking points and sample script employees working on the ACCCE campaign were given.

Crucially, the talking points specifically instructed employees to lie to the community organizations they were calling, telling them they were working with seniors/veterans groups and that other seniors/veterans groups had written the letter they would be signing. They were in fact working directly for a coal industry front group, and the letter was written by Bonner and associates."

Josh Nelson reports for EnviroKnow August 28, 2009.

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Source: EnviroKnow, 08/31/2009