"Books For Our New, Climate-Changed Summers"

"After the daunting heatwaves and storms of this summer, our cheery visions of the season seem at odds with our climate-changed reality."

"Officially, the end of summer is marked by the autumnal equinox on September 23. Unofficially, summer ends some weeks earlier, with the start of classes in the nation’s schools and colleges. This year, however, there is a third way to define “the end of summer;” a growing chorus of voices wonders whether “summer” itself has ended, whether climate change has irrevocably contradicted our traditional, cheery visions of the season.

Writing for the New York Times, environmental journalist David Gelles asks “Is It Too Hot for Fun in the Summertime?” In the pages of Catalyst, the quarterly publication of the Union of Concerned Scientists, UCS fellow Derrick Jackson observes that “summer rituals—and healthy childhoods—are increasingly threatened by climate change.” And in other pieces, parents and proprietors have lamented the climate-forced closing, or severe curtailing, of summer camps.

Can our traditional notions of “summer reading” survive this radical revision of the season?"

Michael Svoboda reports for Yale Climate Connections August 16, 2023.


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Source: Yale Climate Connections, 08/17/2023