"Boom: Removing 81 Dams Is Transforming This California Watershed"

"The innovative project could aid endangered native species — and provide a useful roadmap for other dam-removal efforts."

"Removing one gigantic dam can have a massive effect on restoring a river ecosystem.

But bringing down more than 80 smaller dams? That can also cause a transformation.

This spring the Forest Service, aided by U.S. Marine Corps members, will blast apart 13 more dams in the Trabuco ranger district in Southern California’s Cleveland National Forest.

It’s the last phase of a groundbreaking project that began more than five years ago to remove a total of 81 dams from four streams in the mountains of Orange County."

Tara Lohan reports for the Revelator March 19, 2020.

Source: Revelator, 03/20/2020