"Brazil Agency Gives Out Fewest Environmental Fines In 24 Years"

"BRASILIA - Brazil’s federal environment agency last year gave out the fewest fines for breaking conservation laws since 1995, the agency’s press office told Reuters on Monday, as the efficacy of the agency, known as Ibama, continues to fall under President Jair Bolsonaro.

It handed out 12,266 fines for environmental infractions in 2019, down 17% from the previous year, the press office said in response to questions. Ibama did not give an explanation for the drop.

On the campaign trail, Bolsonaro railed against an “industry of fines” that he claims is out of control and perpetuated by Ibama. His rhetoric has had a chilling effect at the agency, with the government reining in its ability to take on environmental criminals, agency sources told Reuters last year."

Jake Spring reports for Reuters March 9, 2020.

Source: Reuters, 03/10/2020