Brazil's Roussef Vetoes Key Parts of Land Law

"Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff on Friday vetoed divisive elements of a new law that relaxes the forest cover farmers must preserve on their land, taking a stand against the agricultural lobby that pushed a more lenient version through Congress."

"The so-called forest code pits the powerful farming lobby, which wants to ensure that farmers can plant as they see fit on their land, against environmentalists and much of Brazilian society who want landowners who cleared vast swathes of forest illegally to be held accountable.

In all, Rousseff vetoed 12 articles in the law, one of the most controversial pieces of legislation to pass Brazil's Congress in recent years.

Rousseff must now send the bill back to Congress, which could override her vetoes with an absolute majority, meaning over 50 percent of the membership."

Peter Murphy reports for Reuters May 28, 2012.

Source: Reuters, 05/28/2012