"California Lawmakers Seek To Slow Desert Water Project"

"SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A project to pump billions of gallons of water out from under the Mojave Desert and sell it to people in Southern California could be slowed by a bill approved for the first time on Thursday by the Democratic-controlled Legislature.

Vast amounts of groundwater sit in an aquifer beneath the Mojave Desert, where it eventually flows to low-lying areas called “dry lakes” and either evaporates or becomes too salty to drink.

Cadiz Inc., an agriculture company that owns lots of land in the area, wants to pump out 50,000 acre feet of that water each year before it is lost and send it to Southern California. One acre foot of water (43,560 cubic feet) is more than 325,000 gallons, the amount of irrigation water that would cover one acre to a depth of one foot."

Adam Beam reports for the Associated Press July 11, 2019.

Source: AP, 07/12/2019