"California Sea Otters Killed By Rare Parasite Strain: Study"

"An unusually virulent type of toxoplasmosis is killing California sea otters — and may pose an eventual public health threat to other marine animals and to humans, a new study has found.

This deadly disease, thus far identified in four stranded otters, comes from a rare strain of the microscopic parasite Toxoplasma gondii, according to the study published Wednesday in Frontiers in Marine Science.

While toxoplasmosis is common in sea otters and can be fatal, the authors stressed that this form appears to be especially vicious and capable of swiftly killing healthy adult animals."

Sharon Udasin reports for The Hill March 22, 2023.


"Unusual Parasite Killing Sea Otters off California Coast, Scientists Warn" (Los Angeles Times)

Source: The Hill, 03/23/2023