Callaway Nuke: Ameren Corporation License Renewal Request Challenged

"COLUMBIA, Mo. -- A Missouri environmental group is asking the federal government to more closely scrutinize Ameren Corp.'s request for a 20-year license renewal at the state's only nuclear power plant.

The Missouri Coalition for the Environment on Tuesday filed a legal objection to the utility's plan with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The coalition wants the federal agency to hold a formal public hearing on Ameren's license renewal application, a move that would likely delay consideration of the request. Ameren's current 40-year operating license for the Callaway County plant expires in 2024.

The application and protest are not related to Ameren's recently announced plans to team up with Westinghouse Electric build five smaller, "modular" nuclear reactors. The companies are seeking more than $450 million in federal support for that project.

'Our longstanding concern, in regards to the Callaway nuclear reactor, has been one of public safety and the protection of our environment,' said Ed Smith, the environmental group's safe energy director. The group held a Wednesday press briefing on its NRC filing."

Alan Scher Zagier reports for the Associated Press April 26, 2012.


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Source: AP, 04/27/2012