"Can Golf Cure Its Water Addiction?"

"Drought is making it harder for golf lovers to justify the game’s copious use of water"

"LOS ANGELES — At The Ranch at Laguna Beach, golfers tee off under the dramatic shadow of a vast canyon, zipping around in electric carts and strolling along gleaming grassy fairways.

From the lush greenery, you’d never know California is emerging from a historic mega drought.
Golf and the Southern California climate make for uneasy bedfellows. The sport is often a target of water cuts by regulators — and of environmentalists who believe the game uses far too many resources in a world of water scarcity.

Kurt Bjorkman, The Ranch’s general manager, is quick to agree with all of it. He’ll also tell you that golf can be part of the solution. Since reopening in 2016 after an extensive renovation, the course has cut back its water use by switching to reclaimed water and planting less thirsty grass varieties."

Nick Aspinwall reports for the Washington Post September 10, 2023.

Source: Washington Post, 09/11/2023