"Can Lindsey Graham Help Improve The GOP’s Image On The Environment?"

"U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham celebrated his 64th birthday Tuesday by preparing to launch a new political coalition he said will woo young voters to the GOP.

The South Carolina Republican on Wednesday morning joined several GOP colleagues from both chambers to unveil the “Roosevelt Conservation Caucus.” Named for one of the Republican Party’s most famous environmentalists, President Teddy Roosevelt, the group’s purpose will be to develop an environmental platform that can compete with that of the Democrats, whose party has claimed ownership of environmental policy proposals for years.

“From a Republican point of view, we need to up our game,” Graham told The State on Tuesday. “This is an issue we should be playing at. Young people really care about it. I care about it.”"

Emma Dumain reports for McClatchy July 10, 2019.

Source: McClatchy, 07/11/2019