"Canada Backs Alberta CO2 Pipeline Plan"

"CALGARY -- The Canadian and Alberta governments said on Tuesday they will invest as much as C$558 million ($525 million) in a pipeline project to carry carbon-dioxide from an industrial region near Edmonton, Alberta, to aging oil fields.

The pair are backing the project by closely held Enhance Energy Inc and North West Upgrading as part of a scheme to cut emissions of the gas, blamed as the chief cause of global warming.

The Alberta Carbon Trunk Line will be capable of carrying up to 40,000 tonnes of compressed carbon dioxide per day but will initially take 5,100 tonnes of gas daily produced by North West's planned oil sands upgrader to be built near Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, where a number of other refineries, upgraders and chemical plants are also located.

It will carry the gas to aging oil field in the central part of the province, where pumping it into the reservoirs will remove the it from the atmosphere and help increase oil production."

Scott Haggett reports for Reuters November 25, 2009.

Source: Reuters, 11/25/2009