"Carbon Curbs Could Save Polar Bear: Study"

"All is not lost for the polar bear, despite the rapid melt of Arctic sea ice that they need to survive, researchers reported on Wednesday.

Contrary to pessimistic assertions that polar bears are doomed because summer sea ice has melted past the point of no return, a new study concludes that significant curbs in carbon emissions would effectively cool the planet, rebuild ice and save the Arctic habitat and the bears in it.

"This is very much scientific evidence that there is hope," said Steve Amstrup, a retired U.S. Geological Survey polar bear expert who led the study published in the journal Nature."

Yereth Rosen reports for Reuters December 16, 2010.


"No 'Tipping Point' for Sea Ice in Polar Bears' Future" (Greenwire)

Source: Reuters, 12/16/2010