"Carbon Watch: Tracking the New Currencies of Global Warming"

"In the new economy created by global warming, forests are turning into a valuable commodity. Promising not to cut them down is one of the most popular ways companies would like to offset their emissions. Correspondent Mark Schapiro [from the Center for Investigative Reporting] follows the trail of one of those offset projects deep into Brazil's Atlantic forest."

"Brazil: The Money Tree" is an early installment in the Carbon Watch project, published November 12, 2009.

"Over the next year in a joint project, CIR and Frontline/WORLD will report on some of the key issues of climate change with a special focus on the trillion-dollar carbon trading market it has created. We’ll be looking at which of the current proposals to reduce emissions by 2020 really add up; at the hidden interests behind these solutions; and the new constellation of industry players."

Source: Carbon Watch, 11/13/2009