"Carnival, EPA Reach Pact To Curb Cruise Ship Air Pollution"

"Federal regulators have reached a tentative deal with Carnival Corp. on a plan to reduce air pollution from nearly a third of its cruise ships, but the accord comes too late to reverse at least a temporary loss of lucrative cruise business for Baltimore."

"Under the agreement, to be announced today, the Miami-based company pledged to install pollution control equipment on 32 of its ships over the next three years and use it while they cruise in waters near the U.S. coast. During that time, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Coast Guard will exempt those vessels from a pending requirement that they burn less-polluting fuel.

A treaty approved by the International Maritime Organization requires all oceangoing vessels to start using lower-sulfur fuel in 2015 whenever they are within 200 miles of Canada and the United States. The requirement is meant to reduce harmful sulfur and particulate pollution from shipping, a move EPA officials say will yield major air-quality improvements well inland and prevent thousands of premature deaths."

Timothy B. Wheeler report for the Baltimore Sun September 5, 2013.

Source: Baltimore Sun, 09/05/2013