"Chemical Board to Rebuke Unacceptable Delay on U.S. Rules"

"The Obama administration’s lack of action to impose recommended changes to make refineries, chemical factories and sugar plants safer is set to get a public rebuke from the U.S. Chemical Safety Board."

"The independent investigative agency said yesterday it will consider labeling as 'unacceptable' the inaction of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration on seven recommended moves in the past decade, when it holds a July 25 public meeting. The board will also vote on whether to designate an OSHA standard on combustible dust at sugar refineries and related factories its 'Most Wanted' safety change, the first time it will make that distinction, according to a statement.

For advocates pushing President Barack Obama’s administration to act on these and related measures to protect workers and the public, the board’s likely condemnation highlights what they call unnecessary delays."

Mark Drajem reports for Bloomberg July 16, 2013.

Source: Bloomberg, 07/16/2013