Chemical Industry Accused of Astroturfing Toxics Reform

"The Coalition for Chemical Safety sounds like just the kind of group to which environmental activists would swarm.

The images on their Web site are iconic: A child holding the hand of a grownup, a worker's hard hat with an American flag decal, a family photo. ...

Sign up and they say they will inundate federal lawmakers with e-mails under your name reminding them that it's time to change the Environmental Protection Agency's Toxic Substances Control Act in a way that will 'protect public health, preserve American jobs and innovation.'

If you didn't look closely, this would seem like a warm and cuddly group that is fighting to keep the chemical industry from endangering children, the environment and people just like you.

The coalition offers no address or telephone number at which to contact them and calls itself 'a non-profit social welfare organization.'

But if you check the interactive map on the coalition's website, the three or four 'members' in the 13 states listed are mostly agri-business, chemical and industry trade associations."

Andrew Schneider reports for Cold Truth October 27, 2009.

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Source: Cold Truth, 10/28/2009