Chesapeake Oyster Restoration Plan Unveiled By Army Corps Of Engineers

"BALTIMORE -- The Army Corps of Engineers unveiled its restoration plan for Chesapeake oysters on Tuesday, a bay-wide look that officials said moves past piecemeal efforts and selects targets for large-scale efforts."

"The corps held the first of three public meetings on the plan, which it described as the first comprehensive strategy for large-scale oyster restoration.

Claire O'Neill, project manager for the Army Corps' Baltimore District, said the study takes a scientific look at where limited resources can have the most impact and is a recommendation for future work.

'There is no mandate, we don't have that kind of authority,' O'Neill said.

However, she said that scientists differ on the best way to restore oysters in the Chesapeake, which have dipped to less than 1 percent of their historic levels, and the authors hope to standardize the process."

The Associated Press had the story April 11, 2012.


"Army Corps Unveiling Chesapeake Oyster Plan" (Bloomkberg Businessweek)

"Army Corps Holds First of 3 Public Hearings on  Chesapeake Oyster Restoration Plan" (AP)

Source: AP, 04/12/2012