Chicago Mayor Denies Permit To Scrap Shredder; Company Vows To Fight On

"Faced with an outcry from neighborhood activists, federal civil rights investigations and pressure from the Biden administration, Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Friday blocked a clout-heavy scrap shredder from opening on Chicago’s Southeast Side.

Lightfoot’s decision to reject a permit for Reserve Management Group leaves the Ohio-based company with piles of flattened cars, twisted rebar and used appliances surrounding an idled machine it built along the Calumet River under a deal RMG executives thought they had brokered with the mayor.

The Chicago Department of Public Health announced the permit denial in a news release that cited the long history of pollution problems at the General Iron scrap shredder RMG purchased and later closed on the city’s North Side, and at related operations on the company’s Southeast Side property."

Michael Hawthorne reports for the Chicago Tribune February 18, 2022.

Source: Chicago Tribune, 02/21/2022