"Chicago Neighborhood Pushes for Cleanup of Smelter Site"

"Years of delays in addressing contamination at an old lead factory property near a Chicago elementary school appear to be coming to an end in the wake of pressure this week from community groups and a city official."

"Chicago Alderman Danny Solis says the Environmental Protection Agency has committed to begin additional soil testing Tuesday at the former site of Loewenthal Metals, a lead smelter that operated in the 1940s and was featured in USA TODAY's 'Ghost Factories' investigation in April.

'The soil samples should have been done already,' Solis said Monday evening, 'and we should have had an answer to what the contamination is and if the contamination is as bad as we fear.' If necessary, Solis said he'll find city funds to get the site fenced to prevent children and other residents from becoming exposed to dirt on the site."

Alison Young reports for USA TODAY November 27, 2012.

Source: USA TODAY, 11/29/2012