"China To Build Nuclear Power Plants On Artificial Islands"

"China's quest to fence off a big chunk of the South China Sea may have just gotten another, powerful boost: plans for a fleet of floating nuclear power plants that could provide huge amounts of electricity for the far-flung atolls and islets.

While floating nuclear power plants are hardly a novel idea, their use in the South China Sea - a typhoon-wracked hotbed of territorial disputes and increasing military rivalries - would be worrisome both for environmental and security reasons.

Chinese state media said Friday that Beijing plans to build as many as 20 floating nuclear power plants to supply power to remote locations. That could include offshore oil drilling rigs and the sparsely inhabited islands that China has spent the past two years building up and steadily turning into military outposts."

Keith Johnson reports for Foreign Policy April 22, 2016.

Source: Foreign Policy, 04/25/2016