"Cleaning up a Pollution Puzzle in Ann Arbor"

Ann Arbor's stretch of the Huron River seems an oasis where people can go kayaking and tubing to cool off in the summer. But not far from the river, the ruins of a coal-gas plant dating back to the late 1800s may still be oozing pollutants into the groundwater.

"The city of Ann Arbor recently spent more than one million dollars rebuilding an old mill race along the Huron River. The Argo Cascades is a series of little waterfalls and pools where kayakers and people floating in inner tubes come to cool off.

But downstream from the Cascades on the other side of the river, there’s a problem.

There's been pollution lurking underground for some time from an old industrial plant, and two years ago regulators found that some of the pollution was making its way into the Huron River."

Mark Brush reports for The Environment Report July 31, 2012.

Source: Environment Report, 08/01/2012